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Welcome To Oishi Fried Chicken LLC!

Delicious Food Without Boundaries!

A world of deliciousness awaits you! Our seasoned blends are the perfect gateway to delicious fried chicken or any other protein or veggie you want to use it on. These recipes were painstakingly tested in my home kitchen to bring you a fantastic flavor you and your family can enjoy! We are beginning our lineup with 'Original' "Lemon Garlic Herb," and 'Spicy,' but more flavors are coming!

"So what exactly does Oishi mean?" I hear you ask. Oishi translates to Delicious in Japanese. I chose this because my love for food and Japanese culture set me on my journey into the culinary world, and I wanted to pay respect to those aspects of my life.


Our goal is to expand the minds of foodies who think that food from other cultures is out of reach or that you must travel to far-off lands to experience them truly. Food brings people together no matter where you are on the globe, and we believe everyone should experience as much food from as many cultures as possible. The establishment we want to build will promote an adventurous dining experience and the curiosity to try unfamiliar offerings. But more importantly, we want it to encourage understanding of other cultures and how they experience food.



Karaage (Japanese) - The process involves lightly coating small pieces of meat or fish with flour, potato, or corn starch and frying in a light oil. The foods are marinated before coating.

Yangnyeom chicken (Korean) - Often depicted as 'Korean fried chicken' in the U.S., it has a thin, crackly, and almost transparent crust seasoned with a sweet and spicy sauce of gochujang, garlic, sugar, and other spices.

American Fried Chicken -There are seemingly endless ways it can be prepared. Still, the classic "Southern Fried Chicken" is probably the most common, which is usually brined or marinated in buttermilk and then dredged in a seasoned flour mixture for a fantastic crunch.


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